Friday, April 30, 2010

Plaid come top in voting experiment

I gave my postal voting paper to my 6 year old daughter and asked her which of the candidates she thought I should vote for. No prompting was given, she asked a few questions about what an election was for and what the name of each party was.

She suggested, after some thought, that I should vote for number 3, Penri James from Plaid Cymru. That in itself was not that interesting until I asked her to explain why. She pointed at the Plaid symbol which is a flower and said it was the nicest.

Driving home on thursday night I listened to the PM debate on Radio 4 and some of the subsequent analysis. Much of the comment was on style, how robust they were with each other and how confident each party leader came over. Attributes which I don't put far about the design of the party logo, but it does beg the question as to the extent to which non-policy and non-capability factors such as logo design, colour and font of promotional material, being media savvy, how many posters your party can litter the countryside with, effect the direction of the voting public. If such factors are really election deciders, then the key post election issue must be the extent as a nation we can continue to delude ourselves that we live in a functional democracy.

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