Friday, March 28, 2014

Pension shake-up will leave some high and dry without proper guidance

The Coversation was a good find. An mostly pragmatic and more worldly version of Wales@home.
Any talk of pensions(like here) also seems to include the assertion that without proper professional advice punters will make the wrong decisions.

7 years as a trustee of a large D.C. pension fund made me very cynical of the finanical advice industry, it is not fit for purpose, depsite recent changes. While I very much welcome the pension changes, if the financial ecosystem is too complex for a person of average inteligence and average general knowledge to make their own good decisions, then it is just too complex and in need of urgent reform. I can't see such reforms to empower Joe and Jane public happening, the various vested interests have too much stake in the current complex ecosystem and the resultant fee income continuing.

This is why Defined Benefit schemes were a good idea, they put risk and decision making generally in the hands of those who have enough knowledge to make informed decisions.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Aberystwyth bandstand : a good decision at least

A new band stand should never have been a priority and sanity has at last prevailed.

Lets hope it continues

Saturday, March 15, 2014

From Sheffield to Durham - 2001-ish

Probably the most intesting 90 minutes of sitting oppositie someone on a train it was possible to have.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Leane Wood needs a new/no image consultant

Before Leadership

I admire Leane as a radical politician. However, it seems she kept the image consultant of her predecessor as party leader. I guess driven by significnat pressure to conform to what is expected of a party leader in terms of looks and that is a real shame she has bowed to it.

Will voters will be less warm to the new Leane image which  in turn makes the party less credible and less electable which is bad for Wales as the current Cardiff Government need some serious competition.

Image should be irrelevant, but voters are animals governed by their  subconscious.
Will the real Leane Wood please come on down.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Do people really get taken in by these?

Could this just posibly be a scam?

Monday, January 27, 2014

Standing on the edge of the Hoover Dam

Standing on the edge
Of the Hoover Dam
I'm on the centerline
Right between two states of mind
And if the wind from the traffic
Should blow me away
The masses who have taken a break from their seat in front of slot machines on the Strip for a few hours. 45 minutes of iPod nano  turned them into ghosts who were present but floated past and were easily ignored.

From this altitude
It will come back to you
And do you know the time
All that's left of me is slight insanity
What's on the right I don't know

I first heard mention of this album in maybe 2000 while driving home from Camberly with a interview on the radio with Idlewild who cited it as one of their favorites and that Bob Mold had set out to write an album taking the style of the 10 most popular indie bands of the time, a song each. I have not seen this mentioned anywhere else.

If the Mississippi should wash me away
Down to New Orleans
Maybe someday in my dreams
I'd wake feeling the sweat
From the gulf in my mouth
The helicopter trip was too good to pass up on.

On a carousel I can never tell
My direction home
Spinning down a hole
I'm losing all control
I'm down to the center of the earth

I had been to the Grand Canyon which is up river on the Colorado river last year, so had some 
idea of the scale. I did expect it to feel more remote, but there were a plethora of roads and you could even drive over it which I did not expect.

Covered up with lava and I feel fine
It washes over me
Keeps me feeling warm at night
And if you've made a deal with
The guy with the horns and the cape
I'll see you later later
An ambition for the last 10 years or so has been to stand on the Hoover Dam and listen from start to finish the whole of Copper Blue by Suger. The experience was everything I wanted it to be right from the 1st unmistakeable guitar riffs, but I am still no wiser as to what the lyrics are meant to be about.

Standing on the edge
Of the Hoover Dam
Standing on the edge
Of the Hoover Dam I am

Sunday, January 26, 2014

BCS Newtown event : Richard Brown : Nobody needs more than 19Mbps broadband, do they?

Since it was my idea for the speaker on Wednesday, I suggest that he is likely to  be good value and interesting. details here 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Arreseted for swiming in the sea

I read this BBC article about someone getting arrested after swimming in the sea and thought it odd.

I may well have been daft to swim in the sea yesterday. From 100m above sea level we could clearly sea waves, so it would have been quite rough. But arrested? They made there own way out.

Clearly the reporting might be missing something like he lumped a copper when he got out, but there is no way they should have been arrested just for being stupid.

I wonder what the missing part of the story was?

I know 2 people who swim in the sea year round and I can imagine one of them giving anyone who challenged them a ear full.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Are you entitled to win ?

One of the best TED talks I have seen for a while. The idea that even though one player knew he had been given a better "hand" in a game of Monopoly, they still attribute the outcome to their skills and eat more Pretzels. Fascinating indeed and the sense of entitlement for the better off is, now it is pointed out to me, bloody obvious in just about all the spheres of life I move in.

Which lead to the thought that maybe tonight is a good night for a family game of Monopoly. I have an unfair advantage in having played before, but then Mum is a Scott, so acquiring money is a genetic trait.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Broadband in Ceredigion : are we in good hands ?

If the reporting is representative of the standard of debate and understanding of the underlying issues by our elected representatives at County level, then Ceredigion is stuffed.

Cllr Towyn Evans pointed out that service from BT left a lot to be desired in rural areas.
"I have a customer in my area who has been waiting three months for a telephone line," he said.
"You're told to phone BT and you end up in places like India. It's very unsatisfactory."

I don't know Cllr Evans, but he is clearly a man of the world !!!

B.T. will eat the council officers, that these elected representatives are meant to oversee, for lunch.