Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Broadband final installment : FTTP - A very thin bit of glass all the way to Aberystwyth

After some effort we have a very thin continual strand of glass going all the way from our house to the exchange in Aberystwyth with this as a result

300 mbps is quite fast, especially if you live in Wales and even more so in rural Wales. Next door (which means 550m away) and I have been told by various OpenReach engineers that to date we are the most remote property to get Fibre broadband. We did the civil engineering ourselves (i.e put 1.2km of duct in the ground) which probably brought the install date forward by at least 5 years.

FTTP has been life changing for us, thus was have many people to thank and some feedback for a part of the Welsh Government.

While this is now done and dusted for us. I have learned a lot (a hell of a lot) so if you are in a similar situation in Ceredigion (or rural Wales), get in touch and lets see if anything I have learned can be applied to your situation. In our case it helped a lot being willing to dig a trench and get in it to install the duct, but different models apply.

If you never give up, you can't loose !!!!!!