Sunday, September 16, 2012

Why improving broadband in Welsh urban areas may not be that important

I have a conjecture (view supported by weak evidence) that improving Broadband in Welsh urban areas will improve the lot of existing businesses, but have a marginal effect in promoting new business.

Why? Because the majority of those who are capable of building a business and also choose to move to Wales will want to live in a rural area.

Of course there will be exceptions, you might know of them who are want to live in a urban area outside Cardiff and have built up a significant business, but I expect they are in the minority or they would move to a rural area if they had the chance.

This conjecture was sparked by this article by BT's Ann Beynon. As you see from the comments of a jet lagged Mr Angry of Llanfarian who was struggling to get the hang of a new Andriod tablet, I don't agree with her prognosis and responded in Walesathome troll mode [B.T.W. Waleshome has been archived here]. The IWA audience seems to be drawn from a less vocal and opinionated subset of the Welsh population than Wales@home  comment commentators.

In fairness to Ann who has a job to do as BT Director in Wales and the article is clearly part of that agenda and aimed at the politicians not the peasants. Given who her husband is I am sure she is very pro-Wales and keen to talk up its prospects for business.

I use the word conjecture because, unlike a politician, I know it is a conjecture, the evidence I have is weak and I only see bits of the picture, so could be wrong. Lets at least get some external opinions, though I am not an experienced pollster so excuse the form of the questions.

If you are still with us, please have a stab at filling in this survey.

While I say entrepreneurs, anyone who works in a wealth creating business is interesting.

If you work in the public sector or voluntary sector, thank you, you do stuff that the private sector is crap at and will always be. Talk to someone like my US co-worker who had a heart attack. He was charged $20 a puff (yes, they charge for each puff) of gas and air by the ambulance, then explain to people why the heath service reforms are a huge jump in the wrong direction. Just please don't fill in this survey.

If we get a significant or even interesting number of results, then of course I shall write them up here.