Sunday, December 22, 2013

Are you entitled to win ?

One of the best TED talks I have seen for a while. The idea that even though one player knew he had been given a better "hand" in a game of Monopoly, they still attribute the outcome to their skills and eat more Pretzels. Fascinating indeed and the sense of entitlement for the better off is, now it is pointed out to me, bloody obvious in just about all the spheres of life I move in.

Which lead to the thought that maybe tonight is a good night for a family game of Monopoly. I have an unfair advantage in having played before, but then Mum is a Scott, so acquiring money is a genetic trait.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Broadband in Ceredigion : are we in good hands ?

If the reporting is representative of the standard of debate and understanding of the underlying issues by our elected representatives at County level, then Ceredigion is stuffed.

Cllr Towyn Evans pointed out that service from BT left a lot to be desired in rural areas.
"I have a customer in my area who has been waiting three months for a telephone line," he said.
"You're told to phone BT and you end up in places like India. It's very unsatisfactory."

I don't know Cllr Evans, but he is clearly a man of the world !!!

B.T. will eat the council officers, that these elected representatives are meant to oversee, for lunch.