Tuesday, July 21, 2015

FTTP : some progress

Things have moved forward with these babies being connected up. They are called 32 way tray fibre splittes.

32 way tray fibre splitter
 The nearest is about 400m away. We are not there yet as there is 274m of fiber to be put in under a field (thanks Roadworks.org) and the far end needs to be connected in Llanfarian, but progress is very clear, though the end result remains far less so.

However the sticking point is the last 300m. They choose not to put one of these boxes at the end of our lane, even though it serves 2 houses, ours is no further than the distance between an other box and a farm. Will they just run from the lovely green box above?

Can I get sane answers to what is for us a very important question, of course I can't.