Sunday, February 21, 2016

Project Duct

This is a guest posting by Rowen.

Readers may be aware that we have terrible phone and broadband. We can be without a phone connection for weeks and Broadband is very slow and unreliable. For example we can't watch Youtube as the connection is too slow and I can't use it for school work. For our neighbours its even worse.

Dad has a 3G connection for work and sometime we use that.

Part of the problem is that there is a 30 plus year old cable that is cable tied to the bottom of a fence, the cable is designed to be underground and it has pershed in the sun over the years.
Existing connection to our neighbour !!!.

200 pipes we used to put in the middle of our track.
Thanks to the wonderful Ian and Andrew from OpenReach, we now have underground duct all the way from the last phone pole to our house (abut 0.5km) and then down to our neighbours (an other 0.5km). OpenReach provided the materials and sorted out permission with the next door farmer to dig up the track. Dad and Tony put the pipe in. Sponge and his digger helped Dad in the week between xmas and New Year and Tony and his digger driver finished their section last week.

Me and my brother carried duct along the road.
Road crossing outside our house
Pipe running though our field back on to the road.
Dad covering up trench.
Sponge warm and dry in his digger. Dad cold and wet in a trench laying pipe
Dad uses his digger for the final bits