Friday, June 3, 2016

FTTP : a good step forward with Andy and Stuart

This week 2 sub-contractors to Openreach were putting in FBT (Fibre Blown Tube) and new copper cable(if you have seen the state of the old one, new copper makes sense for the existing phone connection) into the 1.2km of duct Tony and I put in 3 or 4 months ago. They did comment that it was easier for them to get the tube and cable into the duct we did than for work done by "professional civils contractors" who put duct in for a living. Ego suitably massaged.

So if I count right 8 more steps to functional FTTP !!!
  1. Put in Cubis box next to house
  2. Blow fibre down FBT
  3. Replace pole at junction as it is dangerous
  4. Put 4 spans of fibre from Splitter to end of track (if they had through about it 2 years ago when they did the survey, this cost could have been avoided)
  5. Put Splitter on post at end of track and on Tony's post by house
  6. Do the fibre and copper joints
  7.  Do box outside house
  8. Enable inside both houses
There may be an additional step where a lack of capacity (for what I am not sure) needs to be addressed about 2 miles away and a road dug up for new duct to be put in. Not sure where this is.

Possibly more difficult than all the above will be the admin side of getting an order opened.

Coffee, milk, no sugar

Tea, milk, 2 sugers
The far end
FBT : Fibre blown tube

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