Sunday, May 2, 2010

Clive attacks serving Prime Minister with a door

This clip on Guido's blog I found quite worrying in principle, but he was hardly ejected by heavies.

A number of years ago on an evening out with the Sun Patch Test group I opened a door into Bertie Ahern in a pub in Dublin, in fairness he was standing behind it as I entered. It sparked from interest from some real heavies for a second or 2 until it became obvious Bertie was just standing in the way of an inward opening door. I was just opening a door rather than using it as a weapon to batter a serving Prime Minister having a pint of Bass in his local.

It seemed quiet alien to me that a serving prime minister of a country would just go for a beer down his local and mix with the real public. When I opened the door into him, I did not know who he was, but his face seemed familiar. It took about 30 seconds and a comment from Gerry Haskins for it to click who it was. Some lessons there for Gordon and his peers, but my take away was to take more care when opening an opaque door into a pub incase you hit a serving Prime Minister with it.

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