Saturday, May 8, 2010

Talk of electoral reform misses the quality factor

I have taken more interest in this election than any previous and what surprised me overall was the lack of previous achievement or contribution to society of the people who were putting themselves forward to be our leaders. The majority have not shown significant leadership in any area beyond politics. The contributions in business, academia, service provision or the charity sector was thin to say the least. Candidates for parties, of course, get drawn from the pool of members with favor being given to those who have the best track record of helping the party. Not a recipe for getting societies most capable to come forward to tackle the big issues we are facing.

Lots of talk about electoral reform to give parties power which is more aligned with their proportion of the votes cast, but the net for candidates needs to be cast wider to include (and select) those with aptitude for solving the [pick your scale : Planet, UK, Wales, Ceredigion, whatever] problems, rather than those who want power.

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