Saturday, April 24, 2010

Plaid : Wales, Welsh or Welsh Speaking?

As Billy Bragg also points out, Plaid are the only credible left leaning party south of Hadrians wall in British politics. Based on policy alone, if you have radical views with a social agenda, then it is the obvious choice if you live in Wales.

My wife comes from northern Scotland and has worked in Aberystwyth in 1993. The SNP has a similar agenda, but it is clear that the SNP is the party of Scotland, based on geography, rather than birth or language.

I have had a few discussions around who Plaid represents

  • Wales as a distinct geographical area
  • People who are Welsh born
  • The Welsh Speaking
No doubt the official line is the 1st one, but the handful sample of non-Welsh speakers have discussed this with have commented that they see Plaid as an item 3 party. I personally am in a grey zone between the second and third, so it is important to see a party that represents that geography, not just a subset of people.

My view? The limited research I have done and the party members I have meet, I have come down on the side of option 1. However, perception is reality as my very wise Director sometimes comments. Plaid need to be seen to go further than the 3rd option and remove this doubt from the minds of the 68.3% who are not Welsh speaking.

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