Saturday, March 27, 2010

Green Ceredigion Westminister Candidate does not visit Cwmerfyn

A few weeks ago I put up my 10 questions I would wish to ask any prospective Westminister candidate who was daft enough to hike up to Cwmerfyn. I then emailed all the candidates of the serious parties (UKIP excluded for both this reason and the candidate was standing elsewhere and had not email address). So after 3 weeks to tally so far is

Labour : no reply
Conservative : no reply
Lib Dem : no reply
Plaid Cymru : Got an email back from Penri that he was happy to meet to discuss and I have been too busy to follow up. Fair enough, as good as a reply in my book.
Green : Full, well thought out and articulate reply with a combination of personal views and party line. Lelia clearly took a lot of time and I have to say I was very impressed indeed. Of course, I did not agree with 1 or 2 points she made, a couple more were questions around subjects I am undecided on, but I think need debate. In short I was very impressed. I asked a number of specific questions where she give a big picture answer which showed a clear insight.

Just in case you think I am a Nazi in favor of forced sterilization of the poor, let me set come context of where the question "What is your position on sterilization of parents who have had 2 or more children taken into care because they are unable to look after them?" came from. I have a friend who sponsors/mentors teenagers who are in the process of leaving care. She is the most liberal, caring person I know who works really hard with some teenagers with complex and difficult behaviours as a voluntary contribution. She takes the child's side and suggests that parents don't have a right to give children an start in life where they are abused in various ways with addict parents. Myself, I don't have a view, I don't know enough to form one, but I would really like to see an intelligent debate on this subject, taking the needs and rights of all parties involved into account. Never know, a better alternatives might drop out.

My father would have been very pleased to read the reply, he was a Green voter at the end of his days. I have asked Leila Kiersch if I can put her reply on this blog because I think it is worth a wider (OK, the 4 people who read this) audience. The reply was far better than a 2 minute visit at tea time with the candidate trying to get round as many people as possible and doing nothing more than suggesting "you remember them".

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