Friday, March 5, 2010


I had not come across BRAC as an organization before. It is a long time since I took a interest in the majority world development when doing a Geography degree 20 years ago. Please don't equate "taking an interest" with how important something it. Lots of things are important, just you have to pick what you follow or we end up known nothing useful about a lot of things.

I was watching a podcast on the train last night coming back from Edinburgh. It was from The Economist which featured
Fazle Hasan Abed.

At the end of the interview he was asked why he had not gone into politics. The interviewers suggesting that he had been a very successful technocrat and his approach would greatly benefit the politics of the country.

His comment was along the lines of

Politics is about getting power. My approach is giving power back to the people. I would not make a good politician.

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