Tuesday, March 30, 2010

B.C.S mid-Wales sub-branch 1st meeting

I attended the the 1st meeting of the British Computer Society mid-Wales sub-branch last night and very good it was too. Prof. Chris Price from the Comp Sci department gave a talk on making money from writing applications for the iPhone, etc. The welsh phrase book was one of the examples and the talk was about what he learned on the journey. Chris has yet to buy a Porsche from the proceeds, but I have always though of him as a camper van man anyway. Lots of good points which had not crossed my mind, few were software engineering based, but some very good marketing and product development points.

What did please me is that other than students who came along for the free food (fair enough), and the usual local locals, I spoke to people from Barmouth and Harlech who had made the effort to travel down to Aberystwyth. One area (of many I am sure) which the sub-Branch (which becomes a branch in a years time of it behaves) could make a useful contribution is to mentor and sponsor CITP applications. There were more B.C.S. fellows than you could shake a stick at on the signing in sheet.

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