Wednesday, February 24, 2010

10 questions if you canvas on my door step

With an election a short time away, these are the 10 question that I will press for an answer to if a prospective candidate picthes up on my doorstep. The remote nature of where I live means we won't see any. The short time they want to spend delivering their message, giving you a leaflet and being assured that you will vote from them, means they won't want to answer any questions with articulate answers, the vote to effort ratio is too high.

So here goes

  • What is your parties position on the reform of UK libel laws with reference to the case of Simon Singh and similar?
  • What specific plans do you have to improve the quality, speed and reach of Broadband in rural areas?
  • What is your policy on reform of local government pension provision?
  • What are your proposals to remove to road blocks for cycle routes connecting rural areas (example Bow Street, Penryncoch with Aberysytwyth) with the local small town?
  • What are your proposals for sentencing guidelines for those convicted of selling Class A drugs?
  • Which are the 1st 3 quango's (of possible many) that you propose get the axe?
  • What are the 3 most urgent actions to deal with the impending engery crisis slated to manifest itself around 2014?
  • What is your position on sterilsation of parents who have had 2 or more children taken into care because they are unable to look after them?
  • What plans do you have to make becoming a charity trustee a realistic option for younger people, rather than the preserve of the retired and those with charity career or political aspirations?
  • What has been your specific contribution to the running of a charity?

There are of course many more detailed questions that one may like to ask. I can't see getting direct answers, but rather examples of hurried listening and concern. This is why a blog for a MP or prospective MP is such a good thing. It lets them set out their views, abit limited by their perception of what might upset sections of the electorate or open them up to attack from their peers.

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