Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Stuart Cable rest in noise

As would be only appropriate for a rock drummer.

3 or 4 years ago I was standing in the queue with my bank manager mate for "pick up tickets and guest list" outside Cardiff Students Union for our annual trip to see Motorhead. Stuart Cable wondered up and stood behind us. I commented to Bank Manager that we should "claim one of us was Start Cable and that we were on the guest list, no one will know". Stuart smiled, acknowledged the joke and then one of his mates turned up who he started talking to.

For that reason/encounter rather than his career with a band in early 2000's and on Radio Wales, I am sad for Stuart's passing. It suggests he was a genuinely nice and down to earth guy and I am sure that those who knew him will be poorer for his passing. In some very small way I am richer for having stood in front of him in queue. Not because he was a rock star, but because he had a 10 second laugh with some strangers.

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