Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Book Review : Brian Moore, Beware of the Dog

I like watching Rugby, I also used to really enjoy playing it. Both at University ( 3 team sub to 1st team in a season [ some students dynamics also at play there ] ) and when I worked in the Computer Science Department at Aberystwyth annual staff student war which ceased after 5 or 6 years when the current Head of Department broke some ribs (I also broke a rib and a toe in that game). I also played a few games for Broughton Park 3rd (or might have been 4th) team as hooker, so I share some real but limited experience of playing in the position that Brian Moore describes so well.

I don't really remember Brian Moore as a player or commentator other than in passing, but this is a really interesting book and not just for rugby reasons. His career as a solicitor, juggling demands of an obsession, work, family and a fight against his Gollum, the name he now calls the voice in his head which attempts to cast doubt and fear of failure on every endeavour.

Gollum and how it drove him to train harder, juggle career and representing his country at the highest level is really the interesting part of the book. The other interesting part of the standing members of the RFU which are get in the way of the best interests of the game by trying to hold back the inevitable, in Brian's case the impending professionalism of the game. Like it or not it was going to happen. The evils of politics with a small "p" in a different setting.

Language aside, right at the end of the book exists a useful sound bite for dealing with that voice of doubt (I think I am fortunate in that voice in Clive's head is quieter and pipes up less often than his)
To Gollum: thank you for you helpful and kind observations on my present predicament. Now FUCK OFF!

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