Sunday, June 27, 2010

Is Nadin Dorris as mad as the media make out?

Is Nadina Doris as barking as the various forms of media make out?

Nadine Doris is the standing MP for Mid Bedfordshire with a majority of over 15,000. 15,000 is a good margin and she got 52% of the vote, up from the previous election in 2005 by 7%. From that we can take it that she is a popular MP from the voting behaviour.

This does not fit with her media profile. Here are some examples

  • Her expenses record were reported as questionable. Her is an example from the Telegraph
  • Her views and actions around TUC attempts to ban high heels at work.
  • Martin Robbins (an ex-tenant of mine. I can confirm he owes me no money) who writes for the Guardian discusses her appointment to the Health Select Committee.
  • Putting 50 quid in her Bra. This experiment is also associated with her being voted the 2nd least in touch MP in the UK.
  • A supposed quote that a foetus can tear is way out of the womb
  • Web sites like this devoted to the honourable lady where you get the idea they are not big fans.
and a search on Google brings out a web of other media articles which cast her in a less than positive light.

Somehow this does not pass my reality check. For an M.P. who has become an household name with a reputation for being a few receipts short of an expenses claim, trying to take the science out of science, and not being 100% accurate in all she says to get an increased majority there is something else going on. Could it be that
  • mid-Bedfordshire was effected by David Camaron's charm offensive while he parked his battle bus there overnight and Nadine gained votes as a side effect
  • The other candidates were turkeys and the voter thought better the nutter you know than the trash you don't.
  • Voters fancied 5 more years of being able to laugh at the expense of their M.P.
  • mid-Bedforshire voters are also as mad as hats and identified with her.
  • Mid-Bedforshire voters are rational people who see something in her that the rest of the country (and media in particular) does not. In short, the formal and informal media have got her wrong and voters saw through their left wing, subversive lies.
  • something else
I don't have an answer for the divergance, but this is quite important for any party wanting electoral success in future to understand why a stream of events, which are positioned by much of the formal and informal media of being the outpourings of a mad woman, result in an increased majority.

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