Friday, January 29, 2010

Free WIFI brings business

I am sitting in the Habourmaster in Aberaeron with a Latte. It is a grey and windy day, but I still have a reasonable view of the water. My car is in for a 56,000 mile service which is about 3 hours, so 3 hours of quality work rewriting a course on "Situation Appraisal" and when I finish that I have some reading around Kerberos to complete. I can be nearly as productive here as I can be in the office or at home. Why? The owner has the foresight to provide free at point of use WIFI. This means an extra 5 pounds (will probably buy an other coffee) in high margin revenue during a quiet day in the winter months he would not otherwise get. Also means I might use this place for a Sunday family meal and recommend it to others. I have walked passed it many times and never though of going in.

I am surprised(OK disappointed, but maybe not that surprised then) the garage does not provide WIFI, they will make you as much tea as you can drink, but pointed me to the Habourmaster when my mobile broadband could not connect.

It is not that odd for people to work form a Cafe. This chap appears to spend 1/2 his working life in StarBucks which is a bit extreme. However, meetings, spare hours, getting car services, etc. Perhaps it is time for a law, tax break, etc (pick positive consequence) to promote that if you sell food and drink, you should provide free WIFI and tax prohibitively "for fee" WIFI.

Fair enough to set WEP key and change it on a daily basis to that if you don't use the services of the venue, you don't get to use their WIFI.

If the pub at the crossing for the Corren Ferry can provide a free and open WIFI access, then it is not beyond other business to do the same. I accept that the Tan Hill Inn gets a exception, but at least they are trying.

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  1. Like the ads say, there is an app for that -, hasn't got out to Wales yet.