Monday, January 25, 2010

Dairy farming and the Sun pension scheme

If you are a member of the Sun Microsystems UK pension scheme and pay into the default funds, then 1/2 your money will go into a BlackRock Diversified Growth fund. Some of that fund is invested in a couple of BlackRock internal funds to give exposure to assets such as gold, natural resources and mining.

Graham Birch who used to manage this fund has decided to become a full time farmer, rather than a full time stock picker.

My impression of Blackrock when we interviewed them was that they were very hot on risk. I guess Mr Birch will be tackling a very different set of risks as a dairy farmer in Dorest now. I do predict he will make a lot less money as a farmer than a fund manager.

Does it make any difference to your Sun pension, probably not. The current manager is rated as very good and the holdings in the DGF for each fund are in the region of 1%.

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