Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Arreseted for swiming in the sea

I read this BBC article about someone getting arrested after swimming in the sea and thought it odd.

I may well have been daft to swim in the sea yesterday. From 100m above sea level we could clearly sea waves, so it would have been quite rough. But arrested? They made there own way out.

Clearly the reporting might be missing something like he lumped a copper when he got out, but there is no way they should have been arrested just for being stupid.

I wonder what the missing part of the story was?

I know 2 people who swim in the sea year round and I can imagine one of them giving anyone who challenged them a ear full.

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  1. The missing bit in the report was that he was found to be D & D.
    I remain unconvinced that arrest is in the wider interest as it may discourage
    people making the call when arrest is possible. The police usually don't consider big picture and indirect consequences.