Thursday, March 28, 2013

Boris, startups and twitter

Boris says ....

Happy 2nd birthday to - 75% of all start-ups last year were registered in London making us the enterprise capital

London doing well or the rest of the UK doing badly ?

With only about 10% of the UK population, I suspect the later.

What could be happening. I suspect a  combination of

  • Brain migration from outside the rest of the UK
  • Entrepenurial immigrants set up in London rather than going elsewhere
  • The rest of the UK is less fertile for start-ups - it is just harder to hire,get funding, etc
It should be a serious wake up call to Council leaders, Boris is making fun of you on twitter. How many County or City councilers would never have used Twitter or even know what it is[ I know at least 2 in Ceredigion]. I suggest it is probably a good proxy measure for the amount of support a startup in a region would get.

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