Saturday, February 23, 2013

Billion 7800n router -> 25% ADSL speed improvement

In the outer spiral arm of the BT ADSL network, a 25% improvement in performance is a big deal.

After reading some good reviews, I bought a Billion BiPAC 7800N router. In part so I could play with adjusting the signal to noise ratio.

We were on about 400k on the BT proivided router on the worse of the 2 lines I have. Now with the new Billion router we are up to 575k after about a week. It is stable and I have not yet started playing with SNR so there may be some performance still left to  force out of the setup, but will this impact reliability.

I am only running it wired at the moment. Will start using the wireless at some point, though even the BT hubs seems to be pretty good at spreading a signal through thick walls now.

So far an excellent router and well worth the money. I shall update with the impact of playing with SNR and it has had a period of stability of at least 2 weeks.

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