Friday, August 31, 2012

Going ex-directory

When we moved house, we also had to move phone numbers. We decided to become ex-directory. I previously though it was only for snobs. The single reason we made this choice was to avoid being disturbed by callers external from the UK wanting to scam us via a survey or fix our Windows computer (hint, we don't have any) it was getting to the point that we were being disturbed once a day on average. Even our 80 year old neighbors who would not have known how to switch on a computer were getting a call a day to tell them that they were apparently generating viruses and they never knew !

The telephone preference service which worked well 2 or 3 years ago is now ignored, even by Uk based companies.

Its not a big deal now being ex-directory, anyone who really wants to get in touch can find us via email or twitter or Linkedin or ....

However, this is an infrastructure failure. These calls should get blocked once they are reported and it should not be too hard to identify candidates via these computer type things and their dialing patterns, investigate and shut them down. B.T.  is your responsibility to address.

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