Thursday, August 23, 2012

Beautiful Days : year 10

I got a small insight into what it was like at the Somme from the grounds of a Escot Park country house on Friday. 10,000 people plus lots of rain equals lot of mud. By Sunday it had dried up a huge amount. Bit (or even a bit more than a bit) of mud on the 1st day is fun, a weekend of mud is not.

Year 10 of the festival, and I have yet to miss one. One of the better years in terms of line ups.

Best experiences of the festival in approximate order for me were

  1. Folk in a Box : just magical. Me and the kids in a box with a guy playing and singing an beautiful folk song.
  2. Toot and the Maytels : class reggie from a band with a combined age of over 350. Where does he get his energy from?
  3. Mad Dog Macre : 2nd act on the main stage on Friday. Lively and fun
  4. Public Image Ltd : I have seen John live, tick. The sound they make is big, though I think the music is aimed at a target audience who are really off their heada [which I was not]. 
  5. Dreadzone : much fun, but missing Earl 16.
  6. Cube Theatre's Pinocchio  in the Theatre tent
  7. Billy Bragg : 100 years of Woodt Guthry. A bit of my music history education filled in. Good fun and good tunes as well. 
As previous years, I exclude the Levellers as I have seen them 70 odd time and I have thus lost perspective of how good they are relative to past performance or other acts, so I don't think about it.
I missed most of Bellowhead [sent back to get stuff from the van], though what I saw was very good.

Found myself more relaxed than previous years, maybe down to having moved house.

Roll on year 11.

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