Thursday, September 2, 2010

A very rare feeling

It is rare I feel sorry for a Tory M.P., but William Hague does seem to have been getting a rough ride from the media (print or blog). I don't care if he is straight, gay, having a experiment during his mid life crisis, provided he is effective in representing the nations interests abroad. If actions or events impact on that the Mr C. should consider Bill's suitability for the position of Foreign Secretary further.

Mis-carriages are a 1 in 4 event, but very distressing for a couple at the time and the aftermath. Once a full on little person does arrive, the memory remains, but it ceases to be distressing. Been there, have much sympathy on a personal level for something that is only the business of the couple and the friends and family they wish to share it with.

This just adds weight to my evolving case that the UK is not a democracy (really Clive) and that media reform needs to precede political reform.

The rest of us(media, bloggers, etc) should just **** off and spend our time drawing attention to the wide and deep cesspit of the wrong and suboptimal and the many great and hopeful aspects which makes up 21st century UK.

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