Tuesday, May 5, 2015

So dear reader, you live in Ceredigion and you have a **** broadband connection and want to know what the future holds, here is how to *probably* find out.

What you need is

  • Your post code
  • A web browser
  • A bottle of vodka
So take your post code and put it on the end of


Post Code: SY23 4QG  
Locality: Aberystwyth, Dyfed
District: Sir Ceredigion - Ceredigion

Ward: Llanfarian Country: Wales
20CN IPStream: ADSL Exchange Distance: 4,312m
21CN WBC: ADSL2+ Fibre Phase: BDUK Wales 12a
BT Exchange: Aberystwyth Exchange Code: WNAE
 So this is what we get now. If you are lucky and you see something like

Post Code Road Locality Distance 20CN 21CN WBC Fibre Cabinet
SY23 3HB      Bow Street, Dyfed   6,412m   ADSL   ADSL2+   FTTC Available   P3 100%

don't drink the Vodka just yet. You need to know how far from the green cabinate you are. In the case of the above address


and you find

Telephone Number 01970828xxx on Exchange BOW STREET is served by Cabinet 3 

So now you follow the overhead lines from your house until you see a green box that looks like this

This is a fiber cab. good news depending on how far away

Unless there is one which looks like the above nearby, bad news.

 Anyway, you have found the Cab. Did you notice how far you had to drive/walk to find it? If not,
record it on the way back or use Google maps if the lines go across country.

If it is more than 1 mile, drink the Vodka in dispare. If is is less than 1000 and you have a fiber cab. you are probably OK. Between 1000m and a mile it might or might not work depending on the quality of cable. If it is 0.4 then you are out of luck, if it is 0.9 you might be in luck. This is important, if you are more than 1500m from the green cab and FTTC is scheduled, you won't see an improvement this side of 2017 at best under currents plans.

Lets go back track a bit to 


If you see the below

Fiber Stree Cabinet 1 : P7 FTTP Planned  Phase BDUK Wales 12a

That means you may get fiber to the premisis, but don't drink the Vodka just yet.
Openreach have decided to delay this work until an unknown date (probably after middle of 2016) and if the work to connect you requires OpenReach to do extra work(as in any) you may have to pay a lot to get connected (as in 5-50k), but there is meant to be a discount if you dig the trench and put the duct in yourself. Great if you happen to have a excavator.

Of course OpenReach can unplan the FTTP in which case you need a 2nd bottle of Vodka.

So unless there is FTTC available now and you have it,  you may wish to drink the Vodka. If you have got this far, you have learned nothing beyond how uncertain and unclear it remains as to what Broadband provision you may get.

The guiding mantra for Superfast Cymru seems to have turned out to be
For those who have good provision, make it a lot better. For those who have poor provision, they shall have delay, uncertainly and possibly no improvement.
If you need some help working out what you might get and why, give me a shout.

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