Sunday, January 11, 2015

Ceredigion Strategies, Plans and Performance

I came across this document while looking for any insight into Ceredigion councils plans to improve Broadband. The word Broadband is mentioned once in the context of it being a problem.

Access to Services
Difficulty of access to services is one of the most obvious features of the County
(accompanied by an element of inequality); applies not only to rural areas but also for some high level services which are only provided at some distance and aredifficult to access from any area of the county; does not just refer to geographical access since Ceredigion is also disadvantaged in digital access, i.e. high speed broadband; new models of service provision may improve geographical access and, as importantly, the means of access.

Could this contribute to  the two very valid observation that

Vulnerable employment structure with a very high proport
ion of employment inpublicly funded
sectors and a high proportion of
very small businesses; a relatively static business environment with low reate of business creation.
A relatively large number of Ceredigion’s young people (late
teens to early 20s) leaving the area;
often because of the lack of good local opportunities
for employment and career development
I wonder if improving broadband services was not seen as important enough to make it into this document (I read the ommision as its a problem but not our problem) contributes in some way to the observations above. I have searched the wider internet and I can't find anything useful that Ceredigion Council have done to promote broadband connectivity, its been left to WAG and BT.  Substantated comments with suggest otherwise welcome.

Nice document, wonder how much it cost to produce?

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