Thursday, August 8, 2013

Serious error of judgement Mr Rees-Mogg ?

Other than a quiet poor appearance on "Have I Got New For You",  the little I know about him suggests we have little in common. This BBC article I found interesting, but not for the central line of the article.

Towards the bottom of the article we find

But Labour MP Sheila Gilmore said it was a "serious error of judgement" by Mr Rees-Mogg and said he should make it clear that he did not support the views expressed on the group's Facebook page.

The use of the term "serious error of judgement" has permiated our culture having the effect of scaring us off from having a go incase we make a mistake and are accused of a  "serious error of judgement". A rather more serious chap than either of this pair of clown's^D^D^D^D^D M.P's. would be appauled and its part of why we are in the economic state we are in.

Better Mr Rees-Mogg has at least brought this particular bunch of right of centre clowns into the light.

Given her background I would have expected better from Sheila Gilmore. Jacob Ress Mogg on the other hand it baffles me how someone like this gets elected.

Anyway, watch Sir Ken's TED talk and can you see the link ?

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