Saturday, January 5, 2013

Able to fight : 1/3 of poorest pupils don't have Internet access at home

The BBC article A third of poorest pupils 'without internet at home' does not discuss why this is the case. These are the reasons I can think of in no particular order

  1. There is no money to pay the extra cost of the line rental for ADSL
  2. There is no money to pay for a computer
  3. The property has no scope for Broadband to be installed
  4. The parents don't think it is important, so don't get it installed
  5. Some are mis-counted, they have 3/4G instead.
  6. Something I have not thought of
There is one other :- parents are unable or unwilling fight the various service providers
and the obstacles they put in the way to get a working service. Maybe they don't have the skills and persitance to overcome waves of hassle that B.T. et al put in their way.

I guess that I might be in the top few % of consumers equipped to deal with the sling shots and arrows that Broadband providers put in the way of getting a viable working service. Even so I sometimes feel it is beyond me to make progress to getting a descent connection, but we still persevere. I can go and research options, I have a good feel when the person on the other end of the line is telling me rubbish [ A mother of a friend of one of the kids mentioned that B.T. had told here that the reason they have poor service was that they were a long way from the exchange - they live less than 2 miles from it and were getting the same speed as us 3 miles further out. At my suggestion they persisted and a fault was found at the exchange and a 10x speed improvement ].

I don't know what the distribution of reasons are, but would be very interested to find out.

I would like to see some of the parties who represent us in Cardiff put forward the policy of fining the encumbant fixed line suppliers if they don't provide at least 2MB to a property in an area [ say by county, if you want to provide services, then you need to provide them to all ]. Lets say the fine is the same as the current line rental, so about 14 pounds per property where 2MB or less is provided [sliding scale open to discussion].

Doubt this will happen with X and Y in place.


  1. Your one angry fella - happy new year Clive :-)

    I have tweeted you but the connection must be to far away from the exchange.
    All the best for the running year - It would be nice to have a plod out if your passing...

  2. Hi Clive, would you be willing to talk to me sometime about your issues of working in an rural setting ? If you have an email I can email you directly