Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ceredigion *probably* won't do that well from the 400 million Broadband investment

I am really positive about the announcement by the Welsh Government regarding the roll out of super fast broadband.

However, for those who live in rural Powys or Ceredigion, take the following and put them together.

a) This report from the house of Lords
b) This table of effects of distance of the last section of copper from the exchange
 c) This table of population density in Wales

If you put these 3 together with the 96%, this means that a finger in the air guess of 65% of Ceredigion households won't get faster broadband by 2015. To meet their targets B.T. and the Welsh Government can ignore the hard to provide parts of Powys and Ceredigion. If you have bad provision now, it is highly probable it will still be bad in 2015 and that means most farms.

As an aside, the Welsh Government really do need to get out more if they think this investment will allow Wales to overtake other countries in terms of speed and coverage.


  1. I've been doing roughly the same sort of thinking. Most depressing, since a smallholding in the Barmouth/Llanbedr/Traws/Blaenau box is pretty much my life goal at this point.

  2. Thanks Steff. I need to look into microwave/fast radio. I do think these issues can be overcome, but I also now have the view that the 200 million that BT are getting from the Welsh Government is for work that they would have done anyway by 2015. We need more tech savvy people to talk to their councilors/A.M./M.P.'s who in the main don't get the issues coming their way.