Sunday, August 28, 2011

At least it was not golf

2011 has been very busy
  • Bob Graham Round
  • Beautiful Day Festival
  • Half Man Half Biscuit gig
  • Myra away in Canada for 2 weeks holiday with sister
  • Myra's 3 day north to south of Wales cycle (left the top and bottom bits for next time)
  • That job thing!
  • Summer child care rotation (probably the most fun bit)
  • I wrote some stuff for this year
Mid life crisis now completed after 3 years of training, I am thankful it was so straight forward and at least it was something you can recover from unlike a fast bike plus associated road kill or the worst of all possible mid life crisis, golf.

There has been no shortage of things to write about, just a serious shortage of time. Expect, no demand, more frequent updates here.

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