Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cognitive bias : who wants to swap with the seal

Think mature and well known footballer mentioned a number of times by name on both Have I got News for You and The News Quiz last night for something his wife would not have approved of and then being advised to go to court (I can't imagine he came up with the idea himself) to get a injunction to prevent him being named. He is now better known for being a victim of the Streisand effect. Like most people I don't care where said footballer dips his wick or with who, but the effect of technology and the way society uses it has fascinating consequences for enforcing an aspect of the law which is fundamentally broken.

True Black Swan or should his PR people have seen the use of twitter and parlimentary privilege coming?

I suspect our Rye would at this point in time prefer to swap places with Henry the seal pictured above.

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