Thursday, December 16, 2010

4 days in Dublin

This is probably my 10th visit to Dublin in 14 years. It is probably also the visit where I have paid most attention to get some insight into the nature of politics here. I have spent more time reading the paper and talking to people about politics. So here are some random quotes from people I have spoken to

  • One of the main qualities of a politician here is to attend all the funerals in their constituency
  • Some of the ministers that Ireland sends to the EU are so 2 faces they considered that Peter Mandleson was the only UK politician they could learn a trick from
  • The population of the Irish Republic consider being corrupt a necessary attribute in a politician
  • One representative said something along the lines of "who cares about a budget deficit when they are potholes in the road in Cork"
I have a few books it has been suggested I read on Irish politics, but it has been a fascinating insight just by tuning in a little more into what is going on here.

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